Katherien Broug

Katherien Broug

Professional Dancer & Model

“The Wim Hof Method workshop taught by Luke Wills was much more than I expected.

I went in not knowing what would happen and came out of the workshop completely convinced of the health benefits that the Wim Hof Method actually provides.

I can say that I have a healthy dose of skepticism, but the Wim Hof method is something very concrete and physical and you can feel the result of the breathing technique instantly.

Being a professional dancer, my job is to work with my body and maintain a healthy balance within so I can perform on a high level when I need to. I now use the Wim Hof breathing technique daily, especially before a day of gruelling rehearsals or before an important performance.

Also incorporating cold showers or baths into my daily/weekly routine has regenerated my body.

A workshop in the Wim Hof method is highly recommendable and Luke Wills is a great teacher who can explain the method in a clear and almost academic way. In the workshop you don´t only learn the technique, but also gain a better understanding of oxygen and the effect it has on your body, natural instinct, blood vessels and much more.

For anyone doubting if you should do it, just go for it.
You´ll be extremely happy you did it!”