Wim Hof Method Workshop Mallorca – Breathe & Swim


This workshop is about deepening our Wim Hof Method practice and experiencing how our changed relationship with cold opens up new possibilities to enjoy the beaches of Mallorca when they are are their best.

In Winter!

The Workshop will consist of:

Opening Circle
We will gather and share how our relationship and perception of “cold” has changed since we practice the Wim Hof Method.

We will do a breathing session together where you will learn some new variations and tweaks of the technique to help you deepen your breathing experience and meditation.

Brown Fat Activation
Brown Fat is a special type of fat that is used by the human body purely to create heat. This is an adaptation that happens over time as you go gradually exposing yourself to cold. Wim Hof has developed a technique that allows you to activate this brown fat at will and feel the heat released from it. We will learn this technique on the day.

Horse Stance
We will prepare for the winter swim with the “horse stance” to get into the right state of mind to enter the sea.

Swim in the Sea
Living on an island, we are surrounded by the beautiful Mediterranean sea. The Mediterranean sea never really gets that cold (13 degrees at its coldest). With our new found appreciation for cold and its benefits, we will take a conscious dip in the sea as a group.

The WHM opens up the beautiful beaches of the island to us year round. In the winter the beaches are at their best, clean, peaceful and empty. Not only do we get the beaches at their best time but we also get all of the beneficial effects (improved immune function, improved mood, raised metabolism, etc) from cold water immersion that you don’t get in the summer.

The sea is also a vital source of minerals in their perfect balance that soak in through your skin to help your whole system to work optimally. Going in the sea periodically over the year gives you the best mineral supplement you can get.

Closing Circle
We will close with a round of sharing our experiences and answer any questions you may have.

The workshop will last about 3 hours.

What to bring:

Beach stuff
Towel, Swim suit, etc.

This time we are out in nature and there will be no interior space so bring enough warm clothes and maybe a blanket so that you can get warm enough while we do the closing circle.

I would recommend bringing a thermus with a warm drink of your choice to warm up after the swim and water.

*Not suitable for pregnant women, people with medicated hypertension, epilepsy, seizures or heart conditions.

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25€ p.p