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by Luke Wills

Saturday 30th May in Ibiza

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You have paid 50€ to reserve your spot on this workshop, you can pay the remaining 50€ on the morning of the course at registration (cash only, we dont accept or 500€,200€ bills or any other form of payment).


To be confirmed.  We are trying to arrange to have lunch at the venue (not included in the price- normally 15€ -20€)  for those that wish to stay.  Its normally a nice time where you get to ask Luke more questions and socialize with the rest of the people who have come to the workshop.


What to bring

– Warm Clothes (its quite normal to feel cold during the breathing sessions and after the icebath so bring some warm clothes with some thought paid to the time of year…may not be necessary in August)
-Blanket (depending on the time of year, people generally get quite cold during the breathing sessions)
-Yoga mat or something similar (the venue doesnt provide them)
-Swim suit
-Flip flops
-Eye mask or something to cover your eyes.  Not essential but good if we are outside or in a well lit space.


Start Preparing Now!

There is a little bit of preparation that we recommend before attending the workshop.It is preferable that you start to adapt to the cold now, so that it isn’t so much of a shock to your body when it comes time to doing the ice bath. 

Starting from your next shower, please finish with 30 seconds of cold.

Most people find that the easiest way to do this is to have a nice hot shower.  Make it really hot, take some deep breaths and turn the shower to the coldest setting.  Don’t think about it, just grab the dial and turn it to cold. Continue to breathe deeply and focus, staying under the flow of the water. Don’t put your head under the water (face is ok).

Use a timer and stay in the cold shower for 30 seconds.

Try not to resist experiencing the cold – relax into the sensation and let everything go, continuing with nice deep breaths.

Finish your shower after the 30 seconds and do not return to hot water. Do this every day.

After a week, increase the time to 1 minute. (If there is not enough time for this before the workshop in your case, don’t worry, this applies to life after the workshop too!)

If when you increase the time to 1 minute, you stay cold for hours after the shower, decrease the time to 45 seconds, but ONLY if you stay cold for a long time afterwards.

If this is easy for you, start and finish your shower with 30-60 seconds of cold.

We promise you that over time it will get easier and that you will feel amazing (both physically and mentally) after having a cold shower. Often the effect is that you feel warmer rather than colder afterwards.

Taking cold showers has many benefits that you will learn about on the course, including improved immune function, lower levels of inflammation, faster metabolism and an enhanced mood.

See you soon!!

Time : 10-00 – 15:30

We will start at 10:00 and finish at around 15:30 – please arrive between 9:30 – 9:45 to finish the registration process, payment and so we can start on time.


Casa del Karma
198 Venda de, Carrer de Rubio,
07815 Sant Miquel de Balansat,

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