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Wim Hof Method Retreat Spain

04/07/2019 @ 03:00 pm - 04/11/2019 @ 10:00 am

07 Abr 03:00 pm - 10:00 am

Molino del Rey


Wim Hof Method Retreat
@ Molino del Rey, Malaga, Spain

7th – 11th April

To sign up for this retreat please complete the form in this link:
Wim Hof Method Retreat - Sign Up Form

What you will learn

On this Wim Hof Method Travel Experience in Spain you will learn and integrate the 3 pillars of the method (Breathing, Cold Adaptation, Mindset & Focus) through daily practices in the amazing retreat center and empowering experiences out in nature.



    • Apart from the powerful Wim Hof Method breathing technique you will also learn «how» to breathe in your daily life and how to change your breathing to create different states such as:


  • Deep meditative states
  • Calm and Focused
  • Active, Focused and Ready
  • Calm your heart rate in stressful situations to pull you out of «fight or flight»
  • Calm the monkey mind at night to sleep better
  • Improve Physical & Mental PerformanceBreathing is the remote control to the chemistry of your body, your mind and emotions.  After this retreat you will have a full breathing toolkit that will help you optimize your life.

Cold Adaptation

The cold is our re-connection to our natural environment and serves to awaken our true human potential for optimal health.  On this retreat you will learn all of the benefits of the Cold and how to apply it to your daily life and to improve your health and performance.

We will do daily cold adaptation in the beautiful pool and an amazing waterfall that is a short walk away from the retreat center.



The exquisite pool which is half covered by a limestone cliff face will be the stage for our daily cold immersion practice.



At the end of each day we will continue to delve deeper into the Wim Hof Method in a more playful manner with the contrast of cold water and the heat of the sauna.  These contrast sessions will help us to relax and settle in to the night for a deep and restful sleep which will consolidate the information and experiences learnt during the day.



Re-connection to our natural environment to awaken our true potential for Optimal Health and performance is a big part of the Wim Hof Method.

For this we will immerse ourselves in the pristine waters of the Jorox Waterfall that is just a 10 min walk from Molino del Rey.

And for the grand finale, we will climb the «Pico de Sierra Prieta» at 1521m (in our shorts of course).

This is a true alpine experience, traveling up through the forest past the tree line, and then up a rocky ridge to the summit.  With our heads in the clouds we are greeted by the amazing views of the surrounding area from its highest point.


The Tribe / Community

What really amazes me time and time again is how in just a few days of sharing intense experiences, with an amazing group of people they become your Tribe.  There is something truly opening and special about breathing together, reconnecting to nature through hikes and cold water immersion and then sharing all of the sensations and emotions together.  The depth of opening and connection on these retreats is truly the hidden gem of the Wim Hof Method.



With its two caves and labyrinth like terrace gardens the Molino del Rey Retreat center is the perfect place for meditation and self reflection.  We will focus on using the deep meditative state left after the WHM Breathing sessions to journey inwards in this beautiful space.


Handstand Workshop

Hand stands, head stands, the one arm bandit and the plank are all fun parts of the Wim Hof Method and we will show you how to progress to doing all of them. The Handstand is an amazing feat of body control that anyone can do and teaches you how to both control the mind and body.


Molino Del Rey

The retreat will be held at the amazing Molino del Rey retreat center, voted one of the top yoga retreat centers in the world by Yoga Magazine, Lonely Planet, Taschen, The Times and featured by the BBC, Hello!, Vogue and H!society.



The retreat center is a labyrinth of beautifully decorated terraces on a south facing slope.  Hidden behind these terraces are two big natural caves that were dug out by hand by the owner.  These caves are the perfect place to disconnect from the external world and turn our focus inwards into the depths of our very own being.



Vegetarian food is included. Special diets can unfortunately not be catered for so please bring your own supplements if you require them. All meals are served buffet-style with good variety.



Places are limited and accommodation is in beautifully-decorated twin rooms (2 single beds) and all rooms have own bathroom. The retreat price includes a shared twin room.

There are some additional room options which carry an extra cost:
1 Deluxe Double Suite (with double bed 180cm). First couple to confirm gets it! Supplement is €80 per person when 2 people share (€20 per person / day)
1 Single Room. Supplement of €100 (€25 / day)
Twin Room used as a single. Supplement of €90 (€30 / day)




To sign up for the retreat please complete the form in this link:
Wim Hof Method Retreat - Sign Up Form

If you have any question shoot us a quick email



The Optimal Health Method


Molino del Rey

Molino Del Rey
Jorox, Alozaina, Málaga 29567 Spain

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