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Wim Hof Method – Cold Adaptation Hike – Puig d’en Galileu

12/09/2017 @ 09:00 am - 12/09/2017 @ 05:00 pm

09 Dic 09:00 am - 05:00 pm

Puig D’en Galileu


Puig d’en Galileu  (1181m)

This is a great hike with lots of history.  Puig d’en Galileu is one of the highest mountains on the island but the hike up is relatively easy (technically speaking).  The altitude, easy access and spectacular views make this a perfect cold hike.  It should be around 4 – 5 hours round trip.

The hike will take us past the «cases de neu d’en Galileu» the houses of snow, where back in the day they used to collect snow over the winter to turn it into ice to sell in Palma.  Then off to the summit where there are stunning views of the whole island and if we are lucky maybe even some snow!

Why get cold for fun?

Cold adaptation is the most feared pillar of the Wim Hof Method yet the one that has the potential to bring you the most health benefits and strengthen your mind and spirit.  Realizing that you are capable of much more than you think physically will empower you and carry over to other aspects of your life.

Cold Hikes are less intense than ice baths or winter swimming but give us a lot more time in contact with the cold to learn how to control our response to it. Cold hikes give you a deep connection with nature while being a powerful walking meditation and showing us how our breathing and concentration can change our perception of reality.

What to Wear

The point of doing a cold hike is to have as much of your body in contact with the elements as possible. For this we are going to strip down to whatever everyone is comfortable with.
For men this generally means just shorts and women generally wear shorts and bikini top or a sports bra.


What to bring:

Warm Clothes

Even though you won’t be wearing them for most of the hike, bring warm clothes and a warm jacket.  We will be out in nature with no other way to warm up so these are essential for when we have finished the hike.  Bring a dry change of clothes to leave in the car in case it rains.

Hat and Gloves

It’s important to protect our extremities when doing cold hikes as these are the areas that generally suffer the most.  You may wear these for the whole hike, the hat especially as the head is the part that loses most heat.

Hiking shoes

These can be trail running shoes or hiking shoes or boots, they should be waterproof i.e goretex or something similar as there may be snow on route (End Dec to end Feb).  Keeping your feet dry will keep you warmer and stop blisters.


My secret weapon on cold hikes are «merino wool» socks.  These keep your feet nice and toasty and dry and will even keep your feet warm while wet. A spare dry pair is a good idea too in case they do get wet.

Food and Drink

You will need to bring enough food and water to keep you going on the hike.


Bring a suitable back pack, preferably with a rain cover (you never know) that is comfortable and can carry your stuff.

Lunch – Coll de sa Bataia

After the hike we will all go for lunch at the family run restaurant Coll de sa Bataia.  Here we will be offered a typical winter warming menu of Arroz Brut.  While we warm up over lunch we can share our experiences and what we have learnt on the mountain and I can answer any questions you may have.
The Menu Includes:
Entrante Picada
Arroz Brut
Postre – Tarta
*other drinks will be charged separately but the menu is included in the price of the hike.


There are limited spaces on this workshop so please sign up to save your space:



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Puig D’en Galileu

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