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Wim Hof Method Workshops and Personal Training in Mallorca


The Optimal Health Method

3 ways to a better you

Our training programs are based on 7 years’ experience of implementing the most effective training systems
and removing anything that doesn’t show good results or have a specific purpose.

Most other training programs focus on one element: exercise.
Even though exercise is very important, we have found that a focus purely on exercise brings poor results.

In our experience, an OPTIMAL personal training program that gives REAL RESULTS is one that incorporates
Breathing Exercises, Mindset and Focus Training, plus Nutrition Coaching and a Personalized Exercise Program.
These are the foundations of the OPTIMAL HEALTH METHOD.

Breathe - Move - Eat

Young woman deep in her yoga meditation - Copyspace

Breathing is immensely powerful yet largely overlooked in most training programs. How we breathe can affect both our mind and body.  At OHM we work with the Wim Hof Method, Oxygen Advantage and Art of Breath to unlock our body’s true potential for Optimal Health.

Breathing techniques require no equipment and little time and have been shown to provide the following benefits:

  • Deeper Meditation
  • Optimized Immune System
  • Reduced Stress and Anxiety
  • Reduction of Systemic Inflammation
  • Enhanced Endurance and Physical Performance

After our Specific Breathing Techniques, Nutrition is the second most import part of the puzzle.  Without an optimized approach to nutrition, it is going to be almost impossible to achieve your goals.  Our approach to nutrition isn’t just about what you eat, but about changing and creating new habits so that the improvements that you make stay with you for the rest of your life.

Our nutrition programs are based on an Ancestral Health approach focusing on a whole foods diet, fasting and creating new healthy habits, and breaking old ones that aren’t serving you.  Our Optimal Nutrition Program is extremely simple yet immensely powerful as you can read in our testimonials.

Healthy stir fried vegetables in the pan and ingredients close up

Movement and Physical Training are very important, but without good nutrition and a strong mindset  it wont get you very far. Our training programs integrate a strong mindset, targeted and efficient training and Optimal Nutrition to give you the tools necessary to reach your goals.

The Optimal Health Method teaches your body to burn your body fat as its main fuel source and integrates kettlebell training, body weight exercises, suspension training and specific breathing techniques to create truly unique and effective training systems, that you won’t find anywhere else in Spain. We select only the best exercises that are proven to give you the most return on investment.  After all, who has hours and hours to spend at the gym?

Three powerful, tried and tested systems combined to help you



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